A Source of Escape


The Travel and Tourism class let their imagination run wild as they designed an itinerary for their dream destination! Starting from scratch, they were responsible for choosing their travel dates, booking a flight and accommodation, keeping track of their budget, and thoroughly researching their chosen city.

Students have been both diligent and thoughtful with their work. They have developed a wide-ranging, seven-day itinerary that includes maps, photos, directions, hours of operation, prices, and a variety of attractions. While nearly every step was carefully calculated, there was also time set aside for spontaneity and ingenuity.

It has been a lot of fun following what students were up to and reviewing their plans. The next step is presentations. Each student will share their research and findings with the rest of the class in a creative and engaging format. Now, I will let their work speak for itself. Enjoy!

The Youth Job Connection program

The Youth Job Connection program is designed to help youth aged 15-18 in finding and keeping jobs. More specifically, it has a number of supports in place to help youth who experience multiple and/or complex barriers to employment.

Last week’s orientation was well received by students and parents/guardians alike. Nearly twenty students will be participating in the paid, four-week program, which will cover pre-employment training, job matching and paid job placements, mentorship services, and education and work transition supports. The workshop sessions will take place online through Zoom in combination with independent learning.

This wonderful opportunity has come at the right time and gives students a chance to develop essential workplace skills and plan and prepare towards obtaining a job in the future. Although there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the job market with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no question about the usefulness of this program. Students will be supported all the way through to next summer and will gain a better idea of the different career paths available to them, the importance of transferable skills, knowing how and where to search for jobs, and understanding various roles and responsibilities. if you wish to change your career path, nearshore jobs need to be contacted.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with ACCES Employment and giving some of our students the opportunity to gain additional experience and extend their learning beyond the classroom. Thank you to all the families that have expressed interest and I look forward to seeing the students in action shortly.

Grade 11 Travel & Tourism – Dream Destinations


With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world that we know has changed dramatically. This includes schools which have been closed since the beginning of March Break. Luckily, we live in a time and society that allows us to quickly improvise and adapt. Since the closure of schools, YMCA Academy has been hard at work to transition to a long-distance learning program. It has been a quick turnaround received well by students, parents, and staff alike.

In Travel and Tourism, we are not allowing the pandemic to slow us down. Although we are currently undergoing isolation and social distancing, our class is making travel plans to our dream destinations. Students are working on a long-term project that tasks them with developing a comprehensive travel itinerary to a place of their choice. Over the course of the project, they will have designed and planned the following:

  • Country and city profile poster
  • Top tourist attractions presentation
  • Travel details including length of trip, type of trip, and budget
  • Booking flight tickets, accommodation, car rental (which you could look here to find out the services), etc.
  • Detailed day-to-day itinerary

As students work through the project, they will have to take into account a variety of factors. For example, they will have to consider the price for everything they do to ensure they stay within their budget. Additionally, they will have to map out their every move and plan realistic journeys. Students will also examine each of the attractions they visit and understand the importance of conservation and sustainability. At the end of the project, students will share their masterpieces so that everyone has access to different travel itineraries. Sooner or later, my hope is that each student will be able to put their planning into practice and have an opportunity to visit their dream destination.